Episode 11

Jeff Sieh - Where Live Video Started


Are you worried about how you look and sound on camera? Do you ever stop your content idea right in its tracks, when that fear grips you right before you go live on this episode of deal casters, we're joined by “the manly Pinterest guy,” who's also the international speaker and visual marketing consultant Jeff Sieh, who specializes in Pinterest, Instagram, and also a live video. He's also worked with some of the largest brands in the space. And brings his knowledge, expertise, and experience to the Dealcasters stable. So pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage and get ready to get manly!

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Full Episode Transcript:

Are you worried about how you look and sound on camera? Do you ever stop your content idea right in its tracks, when that fear grips you right before you go live on this episode of deal casters, we're joined by the manly Pinterest guy. Who's also the international speaker and visual marketing consultant Jeff Sieh, who specializes in Pinterest, Instagram, and also a live video. He's also worked with some of the largest brands in the space. And brings his knowledge, expertise, and experience to the Dealcasters stable. So pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage and get ready to get manly.

This is fun. I love, I love not having to press all the buttons, you know, you just show up and that's you guys. You're the talent today. Lean back and just.

So, so Jeff, tell us about, you know, how did you end up in social media? I know you've been in it for, for quite a while. T tell us the Jeff C's story. Cause it probably could be a movie or even a book if it isn't already. Uh, yeah. And Brad Pitt should be play me. I think so. No. So the funny thing is that Jim and I, and Jim and I met over here at Google plus that's where it all.

Started for me, actually, what I did is I had this little, um, like digital agency here in Longview. I did, you know, commercials. I got into video when nonlinear editing systems first came out like Adobe premier, which I've been using since it came out. Um, and I started doing the social media thing to start telling my clients they needed to do it.

And I'm like, well, I better do it too. Started writing a blog. And I wrote this blog called manly Pinterest tips. Number one, where it was, uh, my daughter and I sharing a secret board. It kind of blew up and back then in the day before Facebook and all these other places, Google plus and Google Hangouts were like the wild West.

Of, um, live video. I remember we went, I went to South by Southwest with Ronnie Benzer, who was this Google Hangouts guy about video. And we interviewed the guy cows talking before I knew him with this contraption, like on this pole with we duct tape, like a, like a, a cell phone and we call people back and it was just, and it had a speakers that we had hanging off of it.

It was this jury rig thing because it was the wild West of live video started doing that. Um, Google plus went nuts. I started a live show over there in Hangouts, all manly Pinterest tips, because everybody wanted me to do one, uh, that led to me getting a gig at social media examiner, um, doing their Pinterest and then they had me speak.

And then I've been speaking there ever since. I think I spoke there. I was the fifth time I did it. That's it. I mean, that's how it all started. I can trace it all back to those little circles on Google plus. Well, and I can tell you, Chris, one of the most eye-opening things to me, and this was probably, I think it was 2017, uh, when Jeff was speaking and it's like, I learned all this stuff about fonts and colors.

And as like, it was like mind blowing to me because, you know, I had just started in social media and, you know, I was like, wow, I'm thinking way too simple. But. You know, Jeff, I know that's something I'll never forget. And of course, you know, you, I think you were also even, uh, doing something with, uh, Rebecca as well.

And, uh, and yeah, and then we've, uh, had a chance, you know, it was unfortunate this past year. We didn't get to hang out in, uh, San Diego, but it's always, it's always been fun to get to, to hang out with you and Eric and some of the other folks that, uh, that we see and what was, what was neat, like pre pandemic.

I know you weren't able to make it, but, um, Eric came to social media week, Lima, which is an August this year. And I don't know if you guys are going to be able to make it, cause I know you guys have a lot on your schedule, but that was a great, got to know, you know, as I used to say your, your other half Eric, uh, quite a bit better, another, another amazing human being.

So just, I want to like go back how important, like these relationships are and, you know, people say that social media, whatever. I can trace everything back to like the gig I have with guy Kawasaki right now I produces his live show and also his podcast, remarkable people, which is goes crazy. I mean, we were on clubhouse of the day with Jane Goodall and he's had Martha Stewart on, I mean, it's like I get to listen in edit really interesting conversations and make money doing it.

So, uh, but I can trace it all back to a post that I made. Uh, commenting on, on take this Patrick's post and then a friendship developed and I helped her with stuff. She helped me, she runs all guys social. So five, seven years later here, I am producing his show, but it all came from those relationships that you make on this, you know, these goofy little platforms, but you can really.

You know, Jim and I had a little fun debate about clubhouse cause you know, I kind of poopoo it. A lot of people like it. And so, I mean, it, my thing is, it doesn't matter, Google plus isn't even around anymore. And I built my business off of it. And so I'm still reaping the benefits. So it doesn't matter if you're building good relationships.

I think people forget that the first part of social media is social right. And a lot of people will take social media and they'll use it to trumpet a bunch of things that's related to their business. While you got to be on this, you gotta be on this, gotta be on this and gotta be this. And of course you can't be.

And lean into everything. Nobody's got all the time to do that, but I think where you find the platform that you're in, whether it's Pinterest or whether it's Twitter or whether it's clubhouse or lean into that, and actually be social, it can turn into some really great relationships, um, personally, and like from a business perspective, I'm sure you've gotten a ton of business just because you actually were a social person.

Believe it or not on Pinterest. Right. Or Google plus, or these things that, you know, may have sunset at this point. Yeah. And it's just making, I mean, any, I did a lot of stuff for free for a lot of people. When you first get started, you just are making relationships and stuff and you never asked, you know, I, you guys, I'm sure since you started doing this show and the success that you've had over there, you probably get pitches every day.

Like I need to be on your show. And here's why, and you know, you can tell that they have even watched your show. They just saw you have some numbers. That's the classical. You don't, you just don't do the ask. Most of the times when people ask me on your show, they're not a good fit to be on your show. Um, and so it's just, it's you do things for people.

And that organically happens. Like I knew Jim from a long time, I mean, back and forth. And we, you know, I asked him questions like offline, like, how are you doing this Amazon thing? And then I'm like, Oh my gosh, he's an expert. And he's needs to be on our show and all this stuff. And it just, it just happens organically.

You can't force it, or it feels really, really fake. Yeah, there's a ton of people that are doing live shows or they're doing a podcast, uh, you know, and that's great, but then there's a lot of people that may be writing a book, or they're a keynote speaker, or they're doing these things and they're using a podcast or a live stream as their marketing, their free marketing.

Like, I'm just going to target a bunch of people or I'm going to hire someone that's just going to scattershot so that I can show up, talk about everything that I want to talk about on a particular platform. But it's like when you're on this show, of course, you're, you know, you're the, you're the feature.

Um, you know, you're the, the quote unquote star, but you're here to just. Talk to serve to, uh, to, to do what you're going to do. It's not like you're going through true. Okay. Here's my list of 32 things that I have to talk about, buy my stuff and do all of that stuff. And I think that comes across, um, in, in both ways, if somebody showing up and doing that other stuff where they're drilling down, guess what?

There's 32 podcasts that, that person did. They all sound alike? And it doesn't, it just doesn't come across and, and is a, is a good podcast doing something that is organic and social. Like a lot of what you guys do is what resonates with people. Yeah. I think you're right. And, and you can tell like, um, and you've interviewed enough people that this has happened, and this is something that, you know, if you do this, you probably need to work on.

And if you don't, this is a skill that you have. Is that like, when you interview somebody like Jim, both of you guys do this is. You don't, you can tell when people are just waiting for you to stop talking, to bring it back to you. And you've had guests on here who have liked that. You're like, they're just waiting.

Okay. Let me tell you about my new course, because I've got this really chorus and all you have to do is go here, here and here. And it just seems like I call them your used car salesman like guests, you know, and if you get lucky enough and you've been blessed enough that people are asking you to come provide value for an online summit or a podcast episode for a live video.

Um, if you're, if you are doing the interviewing, you are going to make, you always went and it, the guests, the feature like you guys have done here. When I had Jim on my show, I wasn't talking about everything that I did. I was like, Jim. So how do you feel about this and why do you do this? That way? They are the focus of the attention like you guys do.

And if you can learn that. Then you are going to be super valuable to be on other shows because people really want that kind of conversation and relationship. Yeah. And your show won't be boring, you know, because it'd be the same thing every time it's like that. Um, yeah. That's fantastic. That's great advice.

I think for. For podcasters for live streamers for content creators, um, just, you know, be, be real, um, in that, in that situation. And, you know, if you want to market yourself, just make yourself searchable. Right. And, and, and, and then when you show up in places like this, yeah. Don't, don't. In Adobe spilling the same, same as sales information you did on 48 prior podcasts.

That's awesome. And you know, that's the thing too, Chris, you know, watching Jeff went, whether it was when he was on social media examiners show with Eric, or just even with his new show. That's one thing I always admire about Jeff is he's, you know, he practices what he preaches. Right. He's always helping everyone learn, get better.

I mean, even when I saw him speak in person, right. It wasn't like, he was like, you know, Hey, if you want to become part of my course, do this. So that as like, you know, Hey guys, here's some free stuff to make you smarter. I've never felt like, like Jeff as a, as a salesy guy. And I think, you know, and like you said, we've done a lot of, uh, You know, behind the scenes communication, you know, uh, they used to, you know, they were struggling for a while to get on LinkedIn live and, you know, I was, uh, humbled that he would reach out to me cause I was like, I got kinda lucky how I got on LinkedIn live and we know there's still a ton of people out there.

Like how do I get on LinkedIn live? It's you know, I don't know. That's a good question. Tell do we want to now I, I, I don't know. We've, we've, I've really enjoyed the engagement that I have had cause we, so us as you guys have, this is. Amazon live. If you're watching somewhere else, you need to come to Amazon live because that's the focus of this.

Ours is just like doing news and going everywhere. And Amazon is a destination which has been great is we're making money over there. But, um, LinkedIn life has a great community and I've had some really good success of, um, uh, building that up because I just, I don't know, just people are talking and it's still awesome.

It just feels more than Facebook is sometimes I guess. Oh, I would tell maybe it's the right show. It's the right show on LinkedIn. I think there's a lot of your profiles. Yeah, because it's, it's about news and social media and stuff. So you're probably right about that. There's yeah. So, Jeff, what really got you started, I guess, in live streaming, cause even like, and I know we talked about this the other day that maybe you're going to bring it back this summer, but like, you know, you've even had some fun stuff where like you were, uh, doing woodcarving and while you're woodcarving these projects, right?

Like Chris, he literally does this over like a series of shows. And he has a conversation with the audience. So it was really, uh, a lot of fun. So who knows woodcarving could be coming to Amazon line, you know, I thought about doing it cause that would make sense over an Amazon because people always ask me where they get the knives and the tools and all that stuff.

And I was doing it on Twitch. I originally started that just because, um, I saw Mark Schaefer, uh, do some painting and I thought that's really good. It was right. When COVID started, everyone was locked down. Everyone's kind of freaking out. And I just did it mainly like. I went live every day for like two or three weeks.

And just sit there and just talked. I had a topic like what's your favorite movie and whatever. And I just carved and showed them the processes and people thought it was like, That ASM Mara, you know, where the people, like I was like the woodcarving bearded Bob Ross, is that what it turned out to be, and they really liked it.

And that's the one thing, and I don't know why I haven't done it. I just it's time. You know how that is, but it was, um, um, everybody. As asked more, more about that than anything else. So really crazy. Cool. Very cool. And I know we've got some people, um, joining in the chat and, uh, Gina Capone on, over on Amazon says, yes, the exact same thing happened to me.

I ran to chat to chat rooms from 2001 to 2010. And a healthcare blogger from 2005 to two, 2008. And that's how I became a healthcare speaker and a community manager for.org as well. I feel like Jeff's story is mine. So thanks Gina Capone for chiming in that's a that's great. And I think the other great thing I think about Amazon's speaking of is just like how massive your you're casting a net, right?

And so, you know, of course it's not as lean in as some of these other platforms are. But when you do kind of poke in and I know your show is more like, Hey, um, this, this works here. Um, but when you do poke in on Amazon and you've taken, um, you know, the, the, all the great information that Jim shared with you on your show and whatnot, what have you learned from your experience on Amazon?

What have you, what have you sort of taken away that it's it's it reminds me of the wild West of Hangouts on Google plus it really does, but I think that. I mean, the views that you get, and even the time watched are really higher compared to some of the other platforms. If you look at kind of the analytics and I love the analytics, they give you, it's still kind of clunky.

It's like Periscope where you have to start it here and then take your phone. And then that kind of stuff they'll get better. And I really wish I could bring comments on screen. One of the other things, cause everybody likes to see their face. And I think if they could do that on Amazon live, Oh my gosh.

Cause people would love to see that. I feel like Amazon is more of the public. Arena of the it's like you're at the mall. Like, you know, when the UCA, you, you go and have your choir and you stand in and sing at the mall, your mom would have to come. And it's like that. I mean, you're there and you're, you're, you're in front of all these people walking by at the mall and he, and, and depending on how well, but you have a very, can I actually use some of your ideas when I was even crafting my own lower thirds and stuff?

For my show is because you're wanting to catch the eye or somebody walking by the mall. It's like window shopping. What are they? Oh, deal casters, unmute what you know, and doing that. I mean, that's really catchy. And I think so I took some of that stuff. And if you look at my show, I've got this moving background.

And I also went to like, um, CNN and all that stuff. And I actually did a screenshot and then built my graphics by, you know, putting them in Photoshop and building them exactly the same way, the same dimensions and stuff. So there's a lot of stuff you can learn from that. But, uh, Amazon live, I think it is.

It's like the mall you're there. Um, people stop the people who really want to learn more than they go in the store or they put it, you know, anything you see down below here, make sure you add it to your, uh, your, your car. You may not want to get it now, but let's go ahead and add it. You know, that kind of a thing, because you know, it's good for us, but I mean, it's, I just think it's.

The F there, there seems to be less friction, like jumpers are already on Amazon. Right. And those people are, we've talked about this for a prime to buy. Um, and so I've really enjoyed too. It's kind of been a bonus for me as I get, um, like we had Holly Homer on her show who did quirky, mama's a million plus.

Facebook group. Uh, she has like five books. I put all our books underneath there, but medical buy her books right from, from where I was doing it. I did it the same with Mark Schaefer. Uh, I had, um, uh, Lou Mongiello, one of my favorite guys who does Walt Disney world radio on the show. He has like five books and I could put his audio tours, everything on there.

And that makes sense. Good. If you could tell your guests like, Hey, I'm selling your stuff underneath my show. This is really, I mean, Holly's reached out, like, how do I do this? How do I get on it? So it's really, really, it's good. As you, as a host to offer that to your guest, especially if they're an author, I really love.

And you touched on this, uh, your show and I just, you spoke about that, the whole CNN vibe and the whole news vibe. I think that's what struck me. Uh, first and foremost, when I jumped on the stream is like, this looks like as good. Or in better in some cases, any sort of news show. And you know, there's a lot, there's a lot that I know went into this.

You, you said, Oh, just I, I copied sources, you know, a CNN vibe and you, you did that, but I mean, you're obviously, you know, skilled in video editing and graphic editing as well. But you use a couple of different things, as far as, uh, you know, putting this, this stuff together, I'd be interested to, um, to find out.

And I know the viewers would be interested as well. I know E cam here has gotta be in the mix, but if you notice that blue, that blue background and I seriously from your stuff, uh, Chris is when I looked at the deal caster stuff, I was like, man, that really. Pops. And, you know, first of all, I kind of looks like showy.

You're like, ah, you're trying to catch those people walking by at the mall. You're trying, it's the same thing on Facebook. I'm trying to get people to stop the scroll. So things that I would do different for like a webinar is I would do a different background than what I'm using there. That blue background that was going that is totally designed for them to catch the eye.

I've also. I've also broken all of our shows and great stuffy. My co-host is she's been on it. And she came with me from social media examiner. She's always been the producer behind the scenes and we break down the show and we kind of streamlined it to three segments that we have. All those segments are programmed into my stream deck so I can bring up like the opening title that comes up and then I can bring up the, the, a segment and like, and I have all of them laid off across the top.

Well right below each of my guests, I have their title so I can bring up their lower third. So like, I already have this still programmed. This I'm not Jim fuse, but I still have Jim fuse programs on my stream deck that I can just do there right underneath where I can talk with his camera. And then I have the same thing for gray.

So I have them laid out. In grids and the same way with all my calls to actions and also all of my titles and whatnot that I'm bringing up, like when Jim was on our title for the show was getting started on Amazon live. And so I just had that going. And then when we went to the next segment, it was setting up how do we set it up?

And so I could just easily toggle that and then, you know, that was, and then why should you go live? So we had those three segments that I have ProMED programmed into the stream deck. And so it's really simple if you set them up. Uh, to do, and I love the stream deck or switching cameras and doing all that kind of stuff.

Uh, I'm doing lies. I mean, I really it's overwhelming if you think about it. Uh, and I've been doing this, like I said, through the Google plus days, you don't need to do all that fancy smancy stuff when you first start going live. But. Just like Jim. Uh, I mean, uh, Chris does at the beginning where he has the unmute thing, all that stuff, you can add those things as you start getting more comfortable.

And if you, the cool thing about live video is like, if you mess up, it's not that big a deal. No one has ever went. I'm not watching your show anymore because you had the wrong lower third up. Nobody is because I'm all the time I'll put, like Jim was up the other day and I may have had grace Grace's thing up.

And I'm like, I'm sorry. You know, it just happens, but nobody's ever left my show because of that. Yeah. So Gina's got a question. Uh, Jeff, and she's like, uh, that she's always been more of like behind the, the, as you said, computer screen type of person wants to get started with, I guess, being on camera, but she's.

Nervous. Do you have any tips on how to make that transition? Yeah, so I get nervous every time I go live. I got nervous before I went on this show. It's just used that to kind of spur you on to go on. So the other thing you do is practice. I practice before. Um, I really like when I even did this new show layout that, that, uh, Chris showed at the beginning, I practice with that.

I practiced my cameras, which is. Um, but you can also go live. What I've done is I created a private Facebook group that only I have access to and I stream to that. So I pretend it's like a real stream. I've even had a, I have friends come on so I can see how I can bring on guests and how I will use those, those different layouts.

Like in stream, you already have the different ones. You can, you can bring up. Uh, I played with that, so I was comfortable and you can do that live in a private group. So that's what I would do. And then, um, the other thing is. Is have a run of show, which means like, like I showed you at the beginning, I had like the opening title had segment one segment to segment three.

Think of those. Don't just go live and think I'm just going to answer questions from the audience. Because when you do that, you'll get terrible an audience and you won't have anybody. You'll be like, okay, wait, people come in. And that just doesn't look good. So I have a habit and I've done this. For every show and everything that I do is I, when I go live, I have 10 questions.

I may not use them. Um, and if the cool thing is if like an audience member asked something similar, I'll use their question instead of mine, because I want to bring them up on screen. I want to highlight them. And so that's what I would do. And then if you, if you like, you're still struggling half I was a magician for a while in college, too.

So. Uh, have plants in your audience. There's nothing wrong with asking your friends to show up to your live and go, Hey, can you ask this question? I did that all the time. When I first started. A lot of it's getting the reps in which you touched on. It's like, and sometimes, sometimes like when I first started doing it, I wouldn't go live.

I would record myself. And of course you're your own worst critic. And eventually you got to hit that big red button and go live. But the great news is the first show that you do live hardly anybody's watching. So, you know, uh it's know, like you said, no, one's going to remember it. And the second one's gonna be better.

The third one's going to be better than that. Um, man, great advice. This is a. This is amazing. I want to tell a funny, so I remember that first, like my first big guests, I got guy Kawasaki to come on the show. And if you don't know who he was, he's the, was the chief evangelist for a win-win Steve jobs was at an Apple.

He was like selling the Mac. I mean, he's a big guy in the tech space and founders and all this stuff. So I've cashed in all my chips. I had peg ask if you'd be on my show, I got him on the show. We're getting ready to go live. Or in the green room rooms, like three, two, one, I have a water bottle like this it's a plastic one.

And I turned and I hit the bottom of this thing in a crack and it just dropped out. And all of a sudden my whole crotch is soaking wet. Hello. It was, I had this really nice surprise look on my face. It was probably some false, you know, I'll fix that. But the thing is, so you're sitting there the wet undies for the entire show, but the thing is is you just got, things will go wrong.

Your internet will go down. Your guests won't show up. You try to plan for as much as you can, but just know things are gonna happen and you're going to mess up. There's some days I can't get I've stumbled over words. I say the wrong, it's just going to happen. And you're just going to have to use, you have to go.

So I hope that helped. Well then do you feel like Jeff? I think that. Because there's been so much live video. I feel like people are more forgiving. And I think even sometimes, you know, the folks on it, we'll just say on some of the other tubes are so worried about making a perfect video to upload it.

It's like just, you know, Just do it. It's going to edit it in post. Yeah. Yeah. I just think it's kind of funny that that, uh, is gotten, I mean, cause you know, we don't even know what we're going to say five minutes from now, but uh, but we know it's going to be fun. I mean there is that kind of, you want to be professional of course.

I mean, Jim's not saying not to be professional and you want to make the best show possible. You plan for the best you can you think of like, okay, if my guest doesn't show up, what am I going to do? What happens is that they drop out. You need to have a plan for like. Because I've had that happen. Like all of a sudden the guests freezes and you are on stage and what are you gonna do?

You're gonna cancel the show. Are you going to talk a while? Trying to get them back? So you have to make those kinds of plans, but. But your audience, I've never had somebody that's, this is stupid. I'm leaving. They've never done that. And I've done thousands of hours of live streaming. Right. And it's just kind of come full circle because, uh, Phil Hill has joined us in, uh, on Amazon live.

And, uh, we had Phil on last week. Um, and so this completely, um, you know, correlates to this. And so we, uh, had our little, you know, get together at the front end, getting ready to go live. And we noticed there was some sound issues. Um, we were trying to solve those sound issues before we go live. And so we kind of kept kicking the can down the road to, you know, cause like you said, it's like, are people really waiting for you to go live?

You can kind of wait and go later and get everything installed. So that sounds right. But even though we thought we had it right when we actually did go live, those sound issues were there and they were actually a little worse. And so we were alive, you know? And so we're alive, you're on Amazon, you know, tens of thousands of the, you know, the car buying public is here to hear these sound issues.

And Jim and I didn't, we didn't freak out Phil to his credit. He didn't freak out and we just kind of were like, you know what, there's, there's some sound issues going on. We're going to, we're going to pop you backstage. Let's make sure, just give us a high sign, make sure that everything's cool, Jim. And I just kinda went on, we brought him back on still some sound issues, but we just went and, and for whatever reason, 10 minutes in, they just solved themselves and everything fine.

But I know some people, you know, Jeff would probably like. Freak out and like, you know, wet themselves. It wouldn't be actual water. Um, you know, and then, and then hit stop. And just like go cry and cower in the corner and it works against you in that situation. If we didn't hit red and go live, you know, we wouldn't have learned something.

And I felt like a great interview with Phillip. Absolutely. And the lady who had the question before about nervous going live at first, it is a lot easier. And that's why I did it when I first started the mainly Pinterest of show. I had four other guys. And we pretty much ask one question and we go down the line and the show was over.

I mean, that was, it was really easy. So it's always easier. If you do have a partner you could go live with because you can. I call them like Periscope videos when it's just you talking. And you're like, eh, a little bit, you know, trying to figure it out. It's a lot easier. If you have somebody else, a guest that you can interview, or you have like what Chris and Jim have done and what I do with grace on my show, have somebody there that you can bounce things off.

If things don't go right. I mean, grace and I are always talking. We have the notes up a Google doc and we'll be like, Hey, he already answered this question. Let's skip it. And so we're talking. Of myths and that that's a skill that you'll develop as you do more and more, but there's stuff that happens behind the scenes is this easy.

Like if I'm like, I need a drink of water, I can leave her on full screen while I'm getting something. Or if I'm trying to diagnose a problem, like why is this guest have an echo or something like that, having another person, uh, really helpful to have that kind of buffer. I think that's a great point. In fact, you know, cause I started my live streaming with Tim sewn.

And I think that was a whole thing. If I didn't have Tim as my cohost. I don't know that I would have stuck to it. Right. I think even it's that whole, like, it's an accountability partner, like, okay, we're going live every week, every week, you know? And so it's like that pressure's on, you don't want to be the one that says, Oh, I don't want to go live this week.

You do it without me. You know? And so I think, you know, that's something Gina that you might want to consider. Is there someone that you, uh, get along with that maybe you could start a show together? I definitely think that helps. I mean, it was funny is when I got approved for Amazon live. You know, I think, well, Chris was the first person I talked to when I, I mean, I was like, I was like, Hey Chris, I just got approved for Amazon live.

You want to do a show with me? And we thought of the show name and everything, because it's like, I watched and you've watched them as well. Jeff, some of what these other people do and it's like, I'm not going to be this guy. That's going to sit there by myself. It's like, Hey, this is the, uh, the stand at the station.

This is great. What do you think? Never, never tried to sell that one gym that comes with the mic. Yeah, but a good salesman right there. So Jeff, let's talk a little bit about social media news live if we could, and those that are watching on Amazon, or maybe they're, they're listening to a podcast at a later when, when we repurpose it.

I think what you guys do from a, from a run of show perspective, and you've, you've touched on it, how you and grace sort of work together really well as a, as a team, but you also, you start the show and then there's a. Kind of a pre show sort of conversation, and then you fire up the podcast, uh, machine as well.

And so those that are on Amazon right now, and they're watching, they're listening to us and you don't know that there are podcasts available to you on Amazon. All you gotta do is download an Amazon music app for free and look and, you know, download social media news live. Here. It is, um, on Amazon live.

Uh, with, uh, the manly bearded one, Jeff C on the cup. Why is grace not on the cover by the way? Yeah, we need to, so when we first started, it was still up in the air, she's gonna be able to join me or not. And so luckily I, we need to redo some, a lot of different artworks, so you know how it is, it's all a work in process, right?

Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. And look at, look at this latest episode is with some guy named Jim fuse talking about Amazon live. How amazing is that? So that was a good show. That was a really good show. You've had really some. And this is, uh, this is a Testament to how not, you know, not just the people, you know, but how connected you are and how, and these are incredible amounts of information, like how to maximize, you know, Facebook, but specific Facebook stuff from experts.

That's current Tik TOK, um, right here, the Rachel Peterson show. And of course, Martin Shaffer is a legend as well. And you know, YouTube shorts with Rob Bella Sabass was with too buddy. This is a fantastic podcast in. And, um, so for those of you who, um, you know, are. Aren't Amazon didn't know that this existed for free, uh, be sure.

Of course you can listen to deal casters later, but go listen to the social media news live. So Jeff, when you guys are doing your running show and your, um, and you're doing that, are you, you just basically, okay. This is where we're going to start basically the recording of what becomes this audio podcast.

Is that how that that's going? Yeah. So w and I've debated on how to Greystar always kind of refining the beginning of the show. Um, because, you know, we, like, we started really had, uh, when you look at our earlier episodes, we had kind of a long lead in before we got to what I call the kind of the meat. I like to have that like, Hey, welcome to.

Cause we usually were, I'm laughing with like Jim behind stage and it's hard to have like a clean break when you go live. You're like, you're still laughing about something somebody said, or somebody didn't like, or we live, you know, that kind of thing. And so, and also I like to talk to my audience then I like to like, Hey, you know, cause as you do this more and more.

People some the same people will show up every time. Well, those are your super fans, right. And I really want to call those people out. Like, Hey, Sally, how you can watch everything. Thank you so much for being here. We appreciate it. We'd love for you guys to share this out among the socials, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, calling anybody who wants to know about this kind of stuff.

I like to do that. And then kind of, you know, cause somebody may have a really good question that I want to have, and it also lets the live kind of kick off, you know, it's it doesn't most people have signed up beforehand. Other people they're discovering their feed. And I like to have a little bit of time.

It's not long. And, um, and then we go into like, Hey, I'm gonna start the podcast machine. That gives me a clean break for when I repurpose it for YouTube. And when also repurpose it for, um, um, my podcast. But I also go back and I edit that pre-show stuff out on Facebook and LinkedIn. And that gives me a heartbreak to do that in.

So if people watch the replay, boom, here, we're starting the show. And so that's kind of why I do that. And the same thing at the end. I'm like, usually there's some questions that I haven't got to, but, um, I want to make sure that the guests have time to leave if they need to. But we'll cut it off and say, Hey, you know, Jim, this was great.

That was so funny. You said that blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And you know, and I'll, I'll bring in some more questions sometimes we'll go, Hey, we're going live to clubhouse. Do you guys want to continue this conversation? Or, you know, just some fun stuff at the end. Like, um, when we had Lumon jello, I did a Disney trivia thing where I bought a t-shirt of his and gave it away and that kind of stuff.

So. We kind of do that kind of fun stuff at the end, but that's, that's kinda what we're and we may change it. I mean, the show format will probably stay the same, but that we may trim or move or try different contests, whatever, but that's kinda what we're doing now. That's great. And that's one of the great things about podcasting and.

And a lot of times in live stream, I know there are some rules, but generally there isn't rules. So you can kind of like, let your, let your viewers let your super fans, as you say, kind of dictate the way you should kind of flow. I mean, you got to stay true to what you feel is your. Your thing and your show, but that's the cool thing is you don't have to go, Oh, well we have to take a break here because this company said, I have to do this, that or the other.

It's like, you don't have to do anything. You can, you could do, you know, that kind of stuff and buy a shirt and go live on clubhouse and do all that fun stuff. Experiment. See what works and see what sticks, if it doesn't stick. All right, cool. We shot or shot and now we'll move on to something else. That's great.

Right. Right. So, I mean, it's, I mean, the show flow, getting that down to where you're comfortable, I think is. It's pretty is something that's pretty important. And so, and, and Jim knows this we're being on the show. So we, like, we have questions that we give to the guests before the show, but I will go ahead and be like, Oh, you said something there.

I really want to focus on dah, dah, dah, and we'll, we'll go back. And then like, I, and, and we have certain section and it's usually after each segment is I have a time where I go back to the audience and like all those questions. Or if I see a question that I already had in the document, I was going to ask.

That somebody asked that was similar. Like, you know, what do you, what are the levels on Amazon live? Well, I was going to ask that anyway of Jim, but I would rather pull up, you know, my super fans comment, get them on the screen and make it like they were going to ask that I'm listening to them and something else.

So that's what I really like to do. So it is a skill and it takes time because you're bouncing between a document to the comments, to you, like running the show. It's a lot when you first get started. So. That's why it's great. Like we've talked about before is having a, you know, a guest or a co-host that you can count on and that kind of thing.

So it'd be really hard to do all that by yourself now. Jeff, what, what, um, so what did, what really drove you to start social media news live? Cause I know I'm sure you had other opportunities that you could have gone with, but what, uh, what made you think of, of this format? Well, and grace, so. One of the shows that we did before for the company that shall not be named no, it's already talked about, but we were doing shows over there and like our, one of our Instagram episodes had like 15,000 views on, on, on YouTube.

And we had like 2000. I mean, I remember looking at the, the stream deck, um, actually has how many viewers you can program it to. So how many of you people are watching you? And I'm like, we have 500 people watching the show right now. Live. And I'm like, okay. And I knew grace and I worked well together. And when they, you know, Mike wanted to take over the show and I'm like, I still want to do that to show the way we did it.

And we had some limitations we couldn't do. I couldn't ask certain people. And you know, and I, I like to ask people who interest me. Right? Like I want Jim on the show because he helped me with stuff. And he's, this is valuable information. And I know Jim. You know, gnosis stuff. I want to have him on the show.

I can ask who I want. So I'm in control. So that was a big thing. And I knew there was already an audience for it. I knew that it is a struggle starting from zero after you've had so many people, Kiki live on one channel, go in and starting from nothing is really tough. And it's a big blow to your ego when there's five people like, Oh, Hey everybody.

So, but long-term, I thought it would be a great thing that we could do some really cool stuff. I could do a podcast. Build up a YouTube channel, that kind of stuff. And so that's, I already knew it. And I, and I also do a live show with tailwind, which is kind of that Pinterest stuff we talked about before.

And like we have 200 to 300 people watching live on that one. And so I know, I know that I can do a show. So I'm like, this makes sense for me to do so. That's kind of why we did that. And I love it's in my industry. And I love talking to these people, like. Mark Schaefer and Jim, and, you know, it's, you know, it's fun.

It's important if you love doing it. That's, you know, Jim, I say this all the time, like if we didn't like doing this, we wouldn't do it. I mean, I, you know, even if there were, you know, there was all kinds of, if there was more money than whatever we're making now, it's just sort of like, if it isn't fun, you know, don't do it.

That's the thing I love about your show. You're in Grace's show. Jeff is like, I think so many times. We've watched shows and the content is like, Oh man, this is so great. But I wish the camera was important, you know, pointed up their nose. And there isn't a thumbprint on that, you know, or the lighting, it's just kind of bugging me, like there's a clicky sound happening or, you know, but the content is just so awesome.

You can kind of ignore that. But my squirrel brain just can't, you know, but then there's the shows where it's like, it just glamorous, like. Fantastic. Mirrorless stuff, flashing and transitions and all the stuff. And then if you close your eyes and listen, it's like, what are they even talking about? And so the, the great thing I like about your show is it has that fantastic balance of.

Like, nothing's distracting you from what you guys are talking about and that it like, so, so many people miss that. And, um, you want to have that professional slick look and you want to have those pattern interrupts and you want to go, you know, all of that stuff, but not. Um, for the, you know, at the sake or at the risk of losing what you're trying to say and what you guys is, what you guys are talking about is, is just fantastic.

The guests that you guys are having just fantastic. And, and the show is really pro. So those that are, that are watching right now, or listening on Amazon, please go to social media news, live and check out this show. It's um, It's a great, it's kind of the best of both of those worlds, rats and kudos. I think it's fun too.

It's like, like I mentioned before is I interviewed people who interest me, like who I've seen and like, I always want to talk and like, and to be honest, I would rather have Jim fuse on and Chris stone that I would Gary Vaynerchuk. I mean, Gary would probably bring in some numbers. But I would rather talk to somebody I'm like, no.

Now what did you say? And not be worried about like, uh, you know, him just taking over. I mean, I want to ask the questions that my audience I know is wanting to ask. You know, you don't see what you see what I'm saying. I mean, it's not always about the big names, but I've had some of the big names and I'm on some other shows and it's like pulling teeth to get them to answer questions, or they'll not answer your question.

And you're like, What do I do now? I just asked like pretty in that I just danced, but I mean, to be honest, I mean, and I think that comes across to your audience. It's like, if you are asking those great questions and that's the other thing is learn how to ask great questions. Like watch, you know, like Jimmy Fallon, you know, the old, I love the old Johnny Carson.

He's the amazing entertainer. And the way he asks questions, I know he's old school, but Oh my gosh, he, he knew how to interview people and be entertaining. And so how do you, how do you get that? Into your show. So yeah, I think you hit on a Jeff, right? It's it's more about draw out the expertise from your guests as opposed to trying to be the smartest person on the screen.

And I think that, that, you know, is it, I think it's a skill that can be developed. I think it goes back to, you've got to watch your show and it's like, Oh, am I being too talkative? Am I overtalking my guests? Or am I letting my guests talk? But I also like your point too, is like, As much as you may say, Oh, I could get this really big name.

Does it make sense? Or are they going to take over the show? And it's like, you know, was it really that great of a show, especially if they're everywhere already. Uh, you know, I think there's a lot of hidden talent out there, um, which, uh, you know, and Jeff, something that you do and that, I guess a lot of people don't think about is as you repurpose your show and you do a lot of this yourself, um, T talk about how.

How do you do that? What are some, maybe some of the tools that you like to use? Yeah. So by this quarter, I'm really trying to build up my YouTube channel and I've had some other channels, but the social media and live news live channel specifically, and we've only got like three or four. I mean, all the lives go live there, but I'm trying to take those and make them come like YouTube videos, like where you have a hook and then the, like a clip.

So everything for me starts with the transcript. So I loved the script. I mean, that's what we use for guys show that we use what for Kim's. And so upload that as soon as we're done with the show, that gives me that transcript, that also gives me a way that I can go inside of the script and highlight things and make a clip of that.

And so once I go made a clip of all those, like I think it would make good sound bites, like usually a question and an answer like from last week, there's some great where I asked him a question and he answered it and it's like two to three minutes, which is perfect for social media. So I can actually go and take that and make it a video.

And I plug it in another one. Another thing I will look at you guys, how you re-purposing with your, on Facebook, the square video with your, your, all your, your kind of marketing look. And they, you know, we kind of copied that and use it for some of my stuff. So that's what I, I loved the script. I also use the script to take out that beginning part, like I said, when I'm starting the podcast machine and the ending part, I used a script to export my audio for my podcast.

So I use it for that. Uh, and then, um, some of the tools, like, you know, we talked about the stream deck, but I just started, it's probably been the last two or three weeks is using the loop deck, which is really cool. Like if you're scaling video or if you're nudging clips or all sorts of stuff that you have to do a lot with your mouse and keyboard, it's just, it makes it faster and a lot more fun.

So I love it. That's my biggest new tool that I, um, I love for editing and repurposing. The thing that I've used, that's probably changed my show for the better, other than the stream deck, um, is like I told you, we had show notes that we did, like if, when Jim came on, we have his like bio and, and the questions and, and those kinds of things.

And I didn't like it. Cause my, you know, I'm looking at my camera right here. And when I get to the time where I introduced Jim, I'd go. And then Jim fuse, he's amazing guy. He does Amazon lime and my eyes were not. Tracking. So the best thing I've done is got the teleprompter that it's the pad caster, and I stick my phone underneath there.

And so I use a piece of software called teleprompter premium that allows me, I have all my questions. I have all my segments in there. And so when I'm asking questions, I don't look down at my document. I'm looking inside of my pad caster and I can read. You know, Jim's bio. I can ask the next question. And so I actually have, it's really cool.

The teleprompter premium software lets you connect with your phone or your iPad. So I have it on my desktop and I also have my iPad because my phone's sitting there that I have to use for the teleprompter. And that has changed. I, you know, Chris, you're talking about how the. The professional look of the thing, being able not to look down when I'm talking or asking questions is a huge deal.

And that's probably the thing that changes my show for the better. The most. It's funny you say that too, because Chris and I joked about this a few weeks ago, uh, because in case you don't know folks, you can actually watch Amazon live on your TV, set through the Amazon shopping app on the Firestick. And I think probably the, the fire TV.

So I, I, you know, cause my wife, maybe your guys' wives do, doesn't always watch my show. And so she was watching this show and she was like, I can't watch your show. I'm like, why? Well you keep looking down. Well, it's because I was looking at the Amazon app on the phone. And so to your point, right, I now have this iPad that's elevated, so I can just glance and change things.

And I'm getting the teleprompter as well because you don't, it is right. It's frustrating. Cause there's things you want to make sure you don't. Forget, and you don't want your eyes all over the place, but that just, you know, it just comes with time. And so it's interesting to hear Jeff that even as seasoned as you are, right, you're still finding things that you feel that you can improve it.

Yeah. And I used to have my notes. Like I make them really small and close to the camera as possible, but there's still this thing. And it also makes it really easy when I repurpose these videos. I usually am, I'm recording my own hook for those. And so I can have that and I'll be like, Hey, do you know, Jim fuse was on the show yesterday and I can do my hook and record it and do it really quickly with that.

The only thing is, is the first time I had it all set up and ready to go. And I'm like, Oh crap. My phone's in there. I've got to start Amazon line. So luckily I had it on my iPad and I was like, okay, there I go. It started a little bit late, but I was like, Oh, you have that moment of like, Oh crap. How do I do that?

Now? It wasn't as bad as water being spilled into your lap. Yeah, I know. Yeah, it's not just for content creators though. I think, I think, you know, everything is, there's so much virtual stuff going on, job interviews, uh, you know, uh, sales, uh, virtual presentations for, you know, your business as an entrepreneur or whatever eye contact is key.

If, if they're not connecting with you, um, and, and you have trouble, you know, trying to look at yourself, cause myself is right over here. Well, you know, and if I were talking like this the entire time, nobody's gonna, nobody's really going to connect with me. So I have to get used to not looking at my own face.

Right. Or having a, like you, like, you have invested in a, in a teleprompter and then you get used to it and you know, you just knock it out. And so habit now, like. You're still like, all this stuff is down below me, but habitat I've just got made that. I look at my, at my camera for years, I had a yellow sticky note that had an arrow that pointed to the camera cause I ended up would always forget.

And so now it's just kind of second nature. When I start talking, I just ignoring the stuff below me, where you guys are and talking to the camera. Um, but I've tried like three different, um, uh, teleprompters. And I tell you, the pad caster is the best by far. I have a Canon M 50, which is what I use to stream with.

And it actually has these mounts of the right on the front of your camera and you just slide the podcast or right on top of it. And so it's amazing. So I love that. I mean, I've tried like three of them, like I even have a big iPad, one that mounts on my big camera and all that stuff, but, uh, it's, it's the best.

So I love it. But you don't have to do all this at the beginning. Like I like, I, you look back at the first stuff I did. I didn't have a background. I was using my iMac camera. I had probably the camera, the mic that was on my, my iMac. And I eventually got a, a Yeti. And then two years ago, a Heil sent me the PR 40, which is what you're hearing right now.

And so I love the PR 40. It's a great, amazing mic. And so a guy Kawasaki actually. Um, but the head after IBA. So I use that and I use the Roadmaster pro because I like to do all the, you know, the sound effects and all that kind of stuff. So do all the cool stuff. And it also does a backup recording and it goes in my microwave.

So that will guide bought two of those one for upstairs and one for downstairs because he likes to look, he likes to sit and I actually am able to plug in my phone into the back of the road caster. And use my good mic when I do clubhouse. And so guy saw that he wanted, he wanted to have a different setup for his clubs to house versus this I'm like, okay.

Third world problems there, I guess. So this is awesome. Yeah. I mean, we got it. We're going to have to have a, we're going to have to have you back. Jeff. This has been a amazing conversation. Fun nerding out about all this stuff. Yeah. What we'll do, maybe we'll do a, an episode. You can teach us how to use the loop deck.

Once Chris. See, it's amazed. Jim wants me to empty my bank account right now, Jack. That's what he wants. One of those guitars behind you. They're props. That's a green screen. Look away. Zoom, zoom.

Yeah. Been awesome. Jeff. I mean, you've given so much of your time and this is one of those ones where I get to the end of it. And of course, you know, this being somebody who's, who's doing production kind of behind the scenes. I, you know, there's so much information and Phil Hill, I mentioned as well, he was like, he couldn't write fast enough, um, with, with all the great stuff that you were given.

So this is one of those ones where I got to go back and I'm going to be team replay. Um, on, on, on this, because I know there was probably something that I missed because I was hammering out a banner or, or, you know, uh, switching this or switching that. But man, thank you so much for, for this. This has been awesome.

And uh, you know, an honor for us to have you aboard, man. Yeah. Thank you, Jeff. Thanks man. Appreciate it. Yeah. Awesome. Thanks to everybody that joined us, uh, on Amazon and all the other tubes. Um, and as always don't fear the gear. Thanks for listening to deal casters. Congratulations. You've taken another step forward.

In your content creation journey, please don't forget to hit the subscribe or follow button here in your favorite podcast player. So you can be reminded every time we drop an episode, we love hearing from our listeners and viewers, and if you're wanting to watch our shows live on Amazon, feel free to follow deal.

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Thanks again for listening and you know, the deal don't fear the gear.

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